Autodidact has always been attracted to the design, colors, artistic creation in various areas (several years of practice and teaching of pottery among others ...)

Late access to oil painting, classical paintings are the first and most representative of the personal and deep infiltration of the surrounding nature. The discovery of the abstract art end of 1995 is like a glare in my life and a revolutionary innovation in my style of expression and my tastes

The joy of painting in the abstract that creates ...

For personal development is important for spontaneity! I find the pleasure of expressing myself unreservedly and especially to live my painting without barriers. I let my feelings of the moment and everyone can resent themselves as being invaded by all mobilities in warm colors, bright and cheerful.

The framing of art
On the other hand, in the practice of art framing, I can live my perfectionist side, applied, seriously. I do not forget to play with as much subtlety in the world of colors and volumes. Creative research is exciting, important and gives pleasure even in the realization step because each step carefully determines the success of this: a deal is especially interesting and exciting to share.
-(c) Oeuvres Philip-Pierre Leverrier et Monique Leconte et photos Clément Rieu